Realities for Children Boulder County Volunteer Needs

Realities for Children Boulder County provides educational scholarships to former foster care and other at-risk youth in Boulder County. We also operate Polaris House, a transitional living program based in North Boulder designed for young adults who have aged out of foster care and are attending classes and/or are working.

Scholarship Recipient Liaison

Each year we award Triumph Scholarships where students may apply the scholarship to the school of their choice. We also partner with the CU Guardian Scholars Program and sponsors in providing four-year undergraduate degree scholarships. We are seeking a volunteer to support RFCBC staff by maintaining periodic contact with our scholarship recipients. Please note: This is not a tutoring or mentoring role, but more of an administrative support position.

Key Functions:

  • Develop and maintain a contact database for the scholarship students.
  • Collect testimonials and updates from the students that RFCBC may use in its updates to scholarship sponsors and other interested parties.
  • Identify any specific needs the student may have and help them identify appropriate resources as necessary.
  • Communicate available jobs and internships to students and facilitate connection with the business providing the opportunity (RFCBC has business opportunity leads on file)

Estimated Time Commitment: 1-2 hours per week. May be done remotely.

Pigs 4 Kids Program Coordinator

We collect donations through decorated piggy banks at local businesses. We are seeking a program coordinator to track and maintain the piggy banks in the Boulder County area.

Key Functions:

  • Reach out to businesses to see if they will host a piggy bank.
  • Check on existing piggy bank hosts to collect change from the banks and replace any banks that may be damaged, etc.
  • Bring the donated change to the RFCBC office.
  • Maintain a database or spreadsheet with piggy bank locations and contact information.

Estimated Time Commitment:  6-8 hours per month. May be done remotely. Will require a mode of transportation.

Polaris House Learning Opportunities Coordinator

We operate a transitional living program, Polaris House, in North Boulder. The program provides housing for up to five former foster care youth who are attending college or vocational training and/or are working. A full-time residential supervisor also lives in the house.

We are seeking a volunteer coordinator to bring periodic free learning opportunities utilizing our business members and the community at-large. Examples include financial literacy, art, organizational planning skills, motivation, health and wellness, yoga, etc. The volunteer would work with the residents regarding their interests and availability and coordinate class details. Note: Due to legal requirements, the volunteer coordinator may not provide therapeutic services directly to youth, however, would be able to line up a professional provider to make available to residents.

Key Functions:

  • Identify needs and interests among the residents for classes and workshops and keep the Polaris House supervisor informed of the progress.
  • Coordinate event details with the class provider.

Estimated Time Commitment:  4-5 hours per month. May be done remotely.

Volunteer Application

Link to our online Volunteer Application here. (Google Form)

Questions? Contact info@rfcbcc.org.